Get Thee Hence, Satan by Carl Bloch

Get Thee Hence, Satan by Carl Bloch

Jesus Christ fasted during His time on earth.  Through Jesus Christ, we can see the blessings that can come from fasting regularly.  Jesus inspired many of His followers to participate in regular fasts.  Even today, Mormons try to follow His example by diligently fasting in times of need or to give thanks.

Many people are familiar with Jesus’ fast that lasted forty days and forty nights in the desert soon after He was baptized.  During His fast, Satan appeared to Him, mocking Him, asking Him to prove His divinity by using His God-given super power.  Scholars have debated what exactly Satan was trying to get from Jesus.  Some speculate that he wanted to tempt Jesus by offering Him power over certain kingdoms, or tempt Him to break His fast.  Jesus refused to give into Satan’s temptations.  After having failed, Satan gave up and angels came to feed and nourish Jesus, ending His fast.

In the Mormon Church, the first Sunday of the month is designated as a day of fasting.   Church members are encouraged to forego two consecutive meals, attend fast and testimony meeting in a Mormon congregation,  and give a fast offering to help care for the needy.  In the fast offering, we are to offer up the amount of money that we would have spent on food that day.  This money goes to help the poor.

Mormon Book of Mormon, we read an account of the people of the Americas, who prayed and fasted to show gratitude.  In Alma 45:1, we read, “They gave thanks unto the Lord their God; yea, and they did fast much and pray much, and they did worship God with exceedingly great joy.”�
Jesus Christ lived a perfect life on the earth and we have been taught to follow His example in all things.  Despite being a perfect man, He still needed the power of fasting in His life.  Jesus Christ teaches us that when we approach fasting with the right attitude, it can bring joy and happiness into our lives.  It is a celebration of our commitment and love for God.  It is one more way we can show our commitment to building up the kingdom of God.